Journeying to the Big Bend

A few weeks ago, we had occasion to ride thru Big Bend National Park. WOW! This is one ride you have to do on 2-wheels before you really get it. You think it’s beautiful riding thru in a car, but coasting thru on 2-wheels just takes the experience to a whole new level that cannot be done justice in words.

As we approached the Panther Junction Visitor Center at the base of the Chisos Mountains, we were eye-gazed at the rain-storm passing over the mountaintops. Our timing couldn’t have been better if we had been deliberate. We arrived at the base of the Mountains right after the storm passed over—literally within minutes! We just could not resist the temptation to escapade into the freshly wet mountains where they revealed secrets that can only be appreciated in the aftermath of Nature’s glory. We were greeted by breathtaking waterfalls that only happen when it rains and the most peculiar trees and plant life we have see nowhere else.

The ascent into the Mountains felt like a slow subside into a cave of peaceful monstrosity, where switchbacks on narrow roads left our only option to be intensely present in the moment and savor all She had to offer. The return to civilization felt like being awakened from a coma, seeing familiar things for the first time and in the creep of the moment remembering how precious they are to you.

Now the truth—we had never intended to ride up into the Chisos Mountains, only to take the long way around to the River Road via Big Bend. That’s an easy temptation on a motorcycle—to take the long way around. Well, we certainly got more than we bargained for, like one of those gifts that unexpectantly rewards you for practicing peace of mind.

As we turned back onto the highway and headed west, the attitude adjusting feelings we experienced remained on high for the River Road. This is the road that follows the Rio Grande between Lajitas and Presidio and it is famed for its hairpin turns, stomach dropping elevation changes and its breathtaking backdrop of a river dividing two countries. We were not disappointed, so don’t let my lack of commentary trip you up. It’s just that everybody writes about this road and everything they say is true. You just have to ride it for yourself.

We could sum this up as a day of adventure, but the word ‘Adventure’ really does this day a disservice. Perhaps, ‘spiritual experience’ might be a little more fitting.

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  1. Wallace says:

    This is one ride you have to do on 2-wheels before you really get it.

    Or in a 550 h.p. reproduction Shelby Cobra….

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