I suppose I have learned (well, still learning would be more accurate) that being comfortable is not all it is cracked up to be. Everything comes with a price and the price for always being comfortable is a boring life. Been there, done that. But I have also been on the other extreme, where I sought discomfort, which may be more accurately described as chaos. Seeking chaos thinking it was spice. I am sure glad I have learned there is a different way! But, of course, there is always a different way. I just have to be willing to acknowledge it.

Someone once told me that my results are my intentions. If that is true, there have certainly been times where my intention clearly was to be right. Right in that there was no other way than my way. I wonder why my intention can’t be to find a better way? It would have been alot easier, because intending to be right got me results, but not any that I wanted.

So, lately there has been alot of discomfort. Not chaos, but rather growth. Perhaps that what healthy discomfort feels like. Being stretched, but knowing it will all be ok. I guess really it is all always ok, they key is in being ok on the way to ok. So I have been ok lately. Growing, but ok.

I got alot of phone calls on my Guard Your Peace article. It is always nice when people go out of their way to call you or complement you. But there were a few lessons in all of this for me. One lesson was that the accolades weren’t really about me, but about what I wrote. And what I wrote wasn’t what Lisa wanted to write. It is what my fingers typed, but not what I wanted to say. However, sometimes the God I pray to every morning actually answers my prayers and on this day he did. My prayer every morning is that He use my gifts and talents to be an instrument of His peace.

The truth is I really didn’t want to submit that article. That article is out of character for me. Submitting that article made me feel uncomfortable. People expect to hear about business related stuff from me, not how to manage thru the holidays. But gauged by the number of calls and comments it got, apparently that was exactly what people needed to hear. So my second lesson was it is so much easier just to follow Instructions.

I suppose as I sit here and think about it, nobody that ever changed the world changed the world because that’s what they set out to do. They changed the world because they just did the next right thing. They sought their truth. They clung to their truth. They followed Instructions!

My third lesson was what I know isn’t much. If it has been left up to me, I would have written about something entirely different, but my Faith told me to submit that article as it was, even when there was no evidence to support that was rational.

So I appreciate all of the feedback! I really do! I appreciate it because your feedback is confirmation that on that day I was willing to follow Faith instead of fear; that I was willing to be out of character because my character is changing; that I was willing to be an instrument of God’s peace.

Your feedback reminds me that I am growing. Growing in the right direction. It reminds me that my life is not about me, but rather that I am about my life. It reminds me that it’s the relationships that make the works important, not the works that make the relationship important. It reminds me that growth really can be FUN, if you choose to focus on the reward rather than the price.

Thanks for all that you do!


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